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Needles (Monoject) 19 gauge x 1 in. 100/box

Needles (Monoject) 19 gauge x 1 in. 100/boxMonoject Needles are of the finest quality sterile, hypodermic needles. Needles have an aluminum hub.

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Needles (Monoject) 19 gauge x 1 in. 100/box

Postby markmetin » June 3rd, 2013, 5:48 pm

Rating 5
These are absolutely the best needles I have tried. I used the Monoject 20's from the vet and had some moderate success, but the insertion was painful and the flow was slow. I then tried 3 different sizes of Terumo needles (19, 20, and 21) and although the insertion was easier, the flow rate was very unpredictable. I've been using the Monoject 19's for 4 days and it's like night and day - insertion is a snap and flow is super-fast. I can't believe how much easier the subq process is for both me and my dog. All I can say is give these a try!


Needles (Monoject) 19 gauge x 1 in. 100/box

Postby Donna F. » May 22nd, 2009, 10:30 am

Rating 5
this product is excellent, I use this to inject IV fluids into my dog which has total kidney failure. These needles are the very best. It is less painful as the dog does not cry when I insert the needle. Emily a cairne terrior so she is very small and I inject 500 ml of fluid per day into her.
I've tried other needes, but these are the very best.

Donna F.

Needles (Monoject) 19 gauge x 1 in. 100/box

Postby calvin o. » February 27th, 2009, 5:27 pm

Rating 5
i can trust the quality of your products and your
service is the very best. thank you

calvin o.

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