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Welactin 3 Canine, 480 ml (16 oz)

Welactin 3 Canine, 480 ml (16 oz)Welactin 3 supports organ health. The Omega 3 fatty acids, including the long chain EPA and DHA especially, are beneficial to support day-to-day organ health in your dog's heart, brain and nervous system, kidneys, skin and coat and immune system.

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Welactin 3 Canine, 480 ml (16 oz)

Postby AdlR » February 8th, 2013, 9:09 am

Rating 5
A great product for my German Shepherd's skin and coat.


Welactin 3 Canine, 480 ml (16 oz)

Postby Mom to Dino » August 23rd, 2011, 4:19 pm

Rating 5
This product is awesome! My dog was put on low protein diet due to kidney failure...after two years of being on kd food and welactin supplement, just found out from bloodwork that disease has not progressed at all!!! I am grateful he can get his protein in a safe way that is easy on his kidneys. Thanks o the makers of welactin!

Mom to Dino

Welactin 3 Canine, 480 ml (16 oz)

Postby Celeste Rogers » August 4th, 2010, 1:34 am

Rating 5
I've been giving this product for years to my brushy-coated mastiff. It helps keep his skin from getting itchy. Good value and fast shipping from this vendor makes this a great buy.

Celeste Rogers

Welactin 3 Canine, 480 ml (16 oz)

Postby Cathy Ficco » May 15th, 2009, 2:14 pm

Rating 5
Greatly improves my dog's skin & coat. She is 14 yellow lab, helps everything for her!

Cathy Ficco

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