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BPO-3 Medicated Shampoo, 16 oz.

BPO-3 Medicated Shampoo, 16 oz.BPO-3 shampoo is an antimicrobial, keratolytic, follicular flushing shampoo. It may be used in the topical treatment of pyoderma, folliculitis and seborrheic skin disorders.

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BPO-3 Medicated Shampoo, 16 oz.

Postby Regina P » August 16th, 2013, 1:44 pm

Rating 5
I have used it only a couple of times, I just got my order a short time ago. So far it seems to be working great. Very Good Product. Thank You

Regina P

BPO-3 Medicated Shampoo, 16 oz.

Postby W. McKinzie » December 9th, 2009, 5:32 pm

Rating 5
I have a cocker spaniel with a history of skin alergies. My dog has now been bathed twice with BPO-3 and it appears to work well for her. We previously used Malaseb shampoo but it's cost is much higher and it's availability appears to be an issue. The BPO-3 shampoo appears to be an effective substitute.

W. McKinzie

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