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Thuja-Zinc Oxide Ointment, 16 oz. (1 lb) Jar

Thuja-Zinc Oxide Ointment, 16 oz. (1 lb) JarVedco Thuja-Zinc Oxide is a protective astringent, antiseptic, counterirritant ointment for topical application to aid in the management of superficial wounds and abrasions of horses and mules.

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Thuja-Zinc Oxide Ointment, 16 oz. (1 lb) Jar

Postby onepercheron » June 27th, 2013, 10:39 am

Rating 5
This was a very good price for this product. The product is being used on a calf that was mauled, leaving very extensive damage to the hind quarters. The healing process is progressing very well.


Thuja-Zinc Oxide Ointment, 16 oz. (1 lb) Jar

Postby Terri, Livingston MT » July 21st, 2010, 2:39 pm

Rating 5
I love this product. It heals scrapes and cuts quickly, and most importantly keeps the bugs off. I even use it on my horses ears as a fly repelent. I am odd, but I love how it smells too! Highly recommend this product!! It last a long time on the affected areas too. You don't have to apply daily, every few days is sufficient.

Terri, Livingston MT

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