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Hi-Vite Drops, 1 oz.

Hi-Vite Drops, 1 oz.Hi-Vite Drops is a vitamin supplement fortified with antioxidants for dogs and cats with live, iron, vitamins and minerals.

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Hi-Vite Drops, 1 oz.

Postby Barb Smith » January 13th, 2013, 10:49 am

Rating 4
When I found PetsTruly on the net and checked if you carried Hi-Vite Drops, I was pleased! My dog has to take the drops through the winter. My Vet charges $19.00 and my total travel time is 1 1/2 hours. She loves the taste because there is no problem giving them to her. The first thing I looked at was the expiration date which was fine at 2015. I AM SO PLEASED TO HAVE FOUND YOU. The ONLY negative I have is the shipping & handling. The price was too high for a one (1) oz. bottle. The total brought it just under $1.00 less then the Vet. Unless I could order more than the one with the same S & H charge, I won't order again.

Barb Smith

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