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Terumo Needles 22G x 3/4" [Thin Wall], 100/Box

Terumo Needles 22G x 3/4" [Thin Wall], 100/BoxSterile, single use hypodermic Terumo needles. Silicone coated for easy penetration. Terumo needles are a favorite to use for subcutaneous fluid administration. Extremely sharp and unique bevel design provides comfortable injection.

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Terumo Needles 22G x 3/4" [Thin Wall], 100/Box

Postby Diane » August 12th, 2014, 12:17 pm

Rating 5
When I switched from a 20G regular wall needle to this 22G thin wall, my cat immediately stopped jumping away from me in pain when I inserted the needle under his skin. He seemed not to notice the insertion at all. I did not notice much difference in the amount of flow, and the whole procedure is done in about the same amount of time. Definitely worth the switch!


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