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How to implement the Quantity box beside the “BUY” button at your item/product pages

By default, the Yahoo store system does not include a quantity box on its store pages. After a few changes in the RTML template it will be possible to apply this feature, and customers will then have the possibility to order more than one item.

First, make sure you have editable copies of your store RTML templates.

Now open the page with a list of store Templates.

Find the template that corresponds to adding the items to the shopping cart. Because it is a copy of a default template called add-to-cart, it will be named something such as, your-store-add-to-cart. Click and open it.

Add to cart RTML Template

Now you will see the template content. At this point, we recommend you make a copy of your existing template by clicking the Copy Template button (just in case if you need to restore it).

At the top of the template content click the operator “IF”. It will become active (not linked, black colored).

Click the button [NEW] at the toolbar. There you will see a selection field called “Complex”, scroll within it to find the operator “INPUT”.

Click the button [CREATE]

Adding RTML Operator Input into the RTML Template

The newly created operator will appear in the “basement” area, below the template content. We need to place it before the recent operator IF.

Now, “IF” is active. “INPUT” is in the basement. Click the button [Replace] in the toolbar. These operators will then rotate their places: “IF” will go to the basement area, “INPUT” will become the first operator (active). Now click the button [Paste After] and then “IF” will be replaced after the “INPUT”.

The last step is to customize the operator “INPUT”.

Click it to make it active. Click the button [EDIT] in the top toolbar. Define the following values:

Name – :vwquantity
type – :text
value – 1
maxlength – 3
size – 3

Click [UPDATE]

Editing the RTML Operator Input

All done. The quantity box will now appear at your store item pages.

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2 Responses to “How to implement the Quantity box beside the “BUY” button at your item/product pages”

  1. August 23rd, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Bowser says:

    Hello! I was curious to see how old this article was, and if these instructions still work properly? I’ve just made a new site and find it absolutely ridiculous that Yahoo doesn’t make it easy for you to use a quantity box, something that’s required on our site. Thanks!

  2. August 24th, 2010 at 10:55 am

    Aliss says:

    Yes, it still works. Try it to see!

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