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Facebook “LIKE” Button Now is Available for Yahoo Stores!

An year ago, Facebook implemented a “like” button that let users share content that they approve of with each other. 3rd party websites are now also capable of implementing this button so that the site could get more attention on Facebook. These codes will show customers which of their Facebook friends have liked or visited your website.

You could use 2 ways to install the Facebook “Like” button at your store:

1) To enable a new Yahoo Social Media Sharing feature by yourself.

See more info here:

If you are experiencing a difficulties to setup or customize the feature’s appearance on a page, then:

2) We could setup the Yahoo feature or to setup our version of it, based on XFBML fb:like tag and Facebook’s JavaScript SDK with Open Graph protocol. We could implement the button at any position on a page, depending on page design and customize it as necessary.

Note: For both versions you have to obtain the Facebook Application ID.

See more info here:

You can find an example of this feature setup at :, (drill down to Item pages to see).