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Customer Account (LOGIN) System with Back Office

Our module has several parts built into the Yahoo store editor and Store owner's web hosting:
a) The user account with control panel
b) The storeowner admin panel with advanced functions

User Account with Control Panel:
- Allows viewing and editing of personal information and keeps it in order placement.
- Has a "Wish List" to save shopping cart content. With this function, the user can edit saved items and retrieve those later to order them in one click.
- Makes it possible to keep and track the purchase order history with detailed order information
- Allows to have a "Member Price" discount applied toward item price "on-fly", while page browsing

Store Owner part and Administration Panel:
- Used to receive registration requests or to create user accounts manually, approve them, and submit them to different account types.
- Allows to have as many discount levels as necessary.
- Makes it possible to review the whole history of store orders sorted and selected by different criteria.
- A "wholesale" sub-module allows to have a "hidden" directory populated by products visible only after user login.

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