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Visual "Suggestions" for Page "Search" Field.

Using Yahoo’s regular page "search" field, the shopper would have to submit the search query to get to a separate search result page. Now the storeowners could enhance their store’s page search with our attractive and unique module that lets customers see some suggestions as they type.

This new apple-style search displays suggested store products with their icon and name, which makes site surfing much more effective and user friendly.

The content of the drop-down table dynamically changes with the user’s input.
The items are shown under a header of their parent section pages and drill-down links.
The table also has a link to the regular Yahoo Search result page, where it passes the typed-in search field value.

The module collects the store’s product data (URL, name, icon) at the storeowners web hosting using MySQL, PHP, HTML/CSS and jQuery and automatically updates the database by Cron Job application.

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