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FloraZil Multi-Probiotic Food Spray For Dogs, 6 oz

FloraZil  Multi-Probiotic Food Spray For Dogs, 6 ozScripts FloraZil Multi-Probiotic Food Spray For Dogs is an all natural probiotic that supports healthy digestion for all dogs. FloraZil contains multiple sources of viable microorganisms providing a wide spectrum of probiotics in a easy to use spray.

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FloraZil Multi-Probiotic Food Spray For Dogs, 6 oz

Postby JMPage » November 1st, 2014, 12:21 am

Rating 5
This is an excellent product that helped my dog when he was ill with a stomach bacterial infection and had diarrhea. I was given it originally by our vet but found it here much cheaper here and will always have it on hand when needed.


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