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Sogeval Keto-TRIS Flush PS, 16 oz.

Sogeval Keto-TRIS Flush  PS, 16 oz.Keto-TRIS Flush PS is an antiseptic (antibacterial and antifungal) solution for gentle cleansing and flushing of ears and skin. Contains ketoconazole for management of yeasts and fungi and preservatives for antibacterial activity. Horses, dogs & cats.

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Sogeval Keto-TRIS Flush PS, 16 oz.

Postby sheepdog dad » January 4th, 2015, 6:39 pm

Rating 5
This product has worked miracles with my sheepdog's troublesome ears. He used to have constant low-level ear infections that would progressively get worse until I'd. Have to take him to the vet and spend a bunch of $ on meds. This product was recommended and solved,the entire Problem. Instead of every other day cleanings and powderings, using this product once a week or even every other week as a gentle flush is alli have to do. Thank you Sogeval!

sheepdog dad

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