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Gastralieve Digestive Support Supplement For Dogs, 60 Chewab

Gastralieve Digestive Support Supplement For Dogs, 60 ChewabGastralieve is a digestive support formula for dogs that supports optimal gastric health without suppressing stomach acid or impairing the natural digestive process. Also contains Zinc, Carnosine and Vitamin E in a highly palatable liver favored tablet. Replacement for GastriCalm by DVM

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Gastralieve Digestive Support Supplement For Dogs, 60 Chewab

Postby TeacherBearcher3 » March 17th, 2015, 3:00 pm

Rating 5
Not only does this product work well, but the customer service provided through Pets Truly was amazing. An error due to the POST OFFICE delayed the arrival of a package and they had such wonderful customer service to track and find the package. Great service! Thank you!


Gastralieve Digestive Support Supplement For Dogs, 60 Chewab

Postby JW » November 10th, 2013, 3:17 pm

Rating 5
My 4 year old Alaskan Klee Kai was having stomach issues since we brought her home. A few good days and another cycle of no interest in food, bloody diarrhea & vomiting. We tried several brands - dry & wet food - we even cooked for a year. Finally, with Gastralieve and the right combination of food & treats - Royal Canin Vet Prescribed Wet Food, Purina Fortiflora and Orijen Freeze Dried Treats - she's been doing relatively well. She still has her off days but her stool is quite good and there is less rumbling in her stomach.


Gastralieve Digestive Support Supplement For Dogs, 60 Chewab

Postby JYost » May 15th, 2013, 6:42 am

Rating 5
Our 5-year old lab developed a sensitive stomach following a procedure at the vet. The vet recommended using Gastralieve and it seems to help. We use it once daily unless she does throw up, then we give 1 tablet and wait 6 hours before trying food again. The product from PetsTruly is the lowest cost we've found.


Gastralieve Digestive Support Supplement For Dogs, 60 Chewab

Postby RNaughton » December 28th, 2012, 12:35 pm

Rating 5
My 5-year-old had the same issue as a previous reviewer. At least once a week she had stomach noises and she refused to eat, vomited, was lethargic. We switched to gluten free pet food but she still had issues, though they were less severe. My vet recommended Gastralieve. She still gets occasional stomach noises but they are less frequent, don't last as long, and she is still able to eat without vomiting. She is finally at a normal weight for the first time in her life.


Gastralieve Digestive Support Supplement For Dogs, 60 Chewab

Postby TSaffell » September 14th, 2012, 9:41 am

Rating 5
My 14 year old Husky/Lab mix has food allergies. It is a miracle I found Gastralieve. We can not live without it. Without Gastralieve, it's a vicious cycle of stomach girggling, not eating for days, throwing up and just an overall feeling of being sick. the girggling sounds, not eating and throwing have disappeared!


Gastralieve Digestive Support Supplement For Dogs, 60 Chewab

Postby Cyndi Stone » June 28th, 2011, 12:38 pm

Rating 5
Our little mini dachshund was experiencing vomitting and severe diarrhea. Once a month this started and greadually turned into every 2 weeks. We took him to our vet and gastralieve was prescribed. It worked like a charm. Our little boy started gaining weight and has not been sick one day since on this medicine. He has been off the meds for about 3 months and still has not had a problem. I highly recommend this to dogs with this sort of issue.

Cyndi Stone

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