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VetriScience Entero Flora Pro, 60g Powder

VetriScience Entero Flora Pro, 60g PowderEntero Flora Pro by VetriScience Pro Line is an innovative multi-strain probiotic supplement for cats and dogs, containing 10 billion CFUs per serving of beneficial bacteria carefully selected to provide superior intestinal and immune support to pets. This highly concentrated blend of 8 live beneficial bacteria, along with the prebiotic fiber FOS, offers a powerful symbiotic supplement for pets. Available in a convenient, palatable powder that is highly suitable for daily administration.

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VetriScience Entero Flora Pro, 60g Powder

Postby Margaret Gidio » March 24th, 2017, 11:01 am

Rating 5
My cat used to have diarrhea from taking Lasix for symptoms of his heart murmur. After taking VetriScience Pro Line Entero Flora on a regular basis he stopped having diarrhea and is full of energy.

Margaret Gidio

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